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TRAINERS: Doc's Dogs service dog candidates  complete about a year of training, including extensive public access training and tasks for individual veteran needs. Training is our most important budget item and as our program expands we are in need of increasing the number of skilled trainers. The goal for 2018 is two new trainers at a cost of $25,000. 

TRANSITIONAL FACILITY: Doc's Dogs is in need of a transitional housing facility for the dogs who are newly adopted and getting their medical clearance as well as those coming out of the prison for advanced training. The dogs are isolated as they receive their medical care and we are in need of more isolation space in addition to kennel space for dogs in advanced training. The estimated cost of modified container kennels: $30,00

TRANSPORTATION: on our wish list is a cargo van to transport the dogs to and from their medical appointments and on training outings. While a van would make everyone's lives easier, the higher priorities are trainers and facilities.

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE DIFFERENCE!  Your donation is the key to getting dogs trained and placed with a veteran wanting to regain independence.