How do you know if a service dog is right for you?

Partnering with a Service dog is a big a step and it’s important to know if it’s right for you. This survey is intended to help guide you in making the decision to apply for a dog. 

Doc’s Dogs are adopted from rescue shelters and begin their training at the state prison where the inmate trainers work with them for approximately 6 months.  From there, they are placed in foster homes for advanced training and socialization for another 5-6 months.

Veterans begin the application process and are matched with a dog after the first 8-9 months. The dogs are then trained for tasks specific for the needs of the veteran.   

Veterans will have a meeting with a potential service dog and, if it is a good match, will return at the end of the dog’s training to work with the dog for 2-3 weeks. 

Formal training ends with graduation.

Doc’s Dogs for Vets will check in with each veteran on a regular basis and do follow-up training if necessary. Veterans will need to keep records of their Service dog’s yearly health care and licenses.


Do you like the idea of having a dog with you on a regular basis (including work)?    YES/NO

Can you commit to a service dog companion for the next 10-12 years?    YES/NO

Are you or your family physically able to take care of a dog in a safe and loving environment?    YES/NO

Does your housing situation allow/accommodate a large dogs?    YES/NO

Is there ample space/opportunity for a dog to exercise and potty?    YES/NO

If your application is accepted, are you willing to maintain your dog’s training?    YES/NO

How do you feel about strangers approaching you? Would you feel comfortable having people talk to you about your service dog?    YES/NO

Are you financially able to cover the expenses of caring for a Service dog? (veterinarian, food, grooming and other costs can average up to $2,000 per year)    YES/NO

Do you have an adequate support system of family and friends? Someone who would be willing to care for you dog in case of emergency?    YES/NO

Is anyone in your support system (family, close friends or care takers) who are allergic to pet dander?           YES/NO

Are you currently on active duty? If so, are you likely to be deployed?    YES/NO                       

Can you provide a referral from your medical care provider? (physician, behavioral health specialist)    YES/NO

If you are approved to receive a Service dog, can you travel to meet your dog and to train with him/her for 2-3 weeks?    YES/NO